The Story of a Young Man Who Needs Someone

This is the story of a young man who needs someone like you to show and lead the way. You don’t have to come to prison, if you don’t have time. But you can support with your skills and by sharing with your friends and family. Find out why this is important to us.

The Story of a Young Man Who Needs Someone
Most young people who are in conflict with the law often lack someone who can guide them

In prison, it is often easy to dismiss the stories we hear in prison on a daily basis. However, being patient, attending court cases, reaching out to parents and the people the boys have wronged enables us to sift through the things that we hear.

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Most of the boys who end up graduating from Lifesong KENYA usually start off with giving an alias, fake age, fake stories and wrong residential estate. They often paint a carefree gangsta life and a know-it-all attitude.

Because we are authentic in our work, conviction and motivation, the boys who see this right from the beginning start helping us in bringing order to our new classes.

Our Program

The Story of a Young Man Who Needs Someone
One of our boys learning computer skills during our classes

We start attending court cases, reaching out to lawyers, calling and visiting families, police officers and the people who have been wronged and hurt while one of us continues teaching skills.

And once our boys know that we deeply care, things usually change and the real truth unravels. They start peeling off their masks by revealing who they really are. This process doesn’t come easy because we have to share our own life stories – past and present – as we become vulnerable to the boys.

Along the way, we get to learn about childhood memories and experiences, triggers and motivation behind their crime, violence and drug use. Once again, this process can take as long as one month or even three months, with any given boy.

For every 3 – 4 months, Lifesong Kenya handles a different group of boys. From the very beginning, we start off with 30+ boys and end up graduating only 10 or even less.

The Story of a Young Man Who Needs Someone

This current class has 10 consistent members who have soldiered on with us. Each boy has his own unique story, fears, hopes and aspirations. The only similarity is being behind bars, having to deal with broken systems and having no family member to walk with them in their time of need.

By the time the class is reduced to 10 or less, we usually have a group of exceptional young men who are taking full responsibility of their actions, mistakes and crime. They are ready to learn and gain more skills. They thirst for knowledge that can help them to become the best they can ever be.

Their only fear is how the outside world will receive, view and treat them. At Lifesong Kenya, we are already creating interventions that help in reducing the re-offending cycle, stigma and rejection.

However, we can do this alone and without your help. We would like you to join our growing number of supporters today.

Why You Should Support Us

Our weekly program activities enable our boys to receive the vital services and support they need to access restorative justice. This includes skills training, character formation, financial literacy, healing and reconciliation.

You can support us by donating towards our work on a monthly basis or sign up as a volunteer. You can email us on or volunteer today.

The Story of a Young Man Who Needs Someone

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