Softening Their Hearts and Hardening Mine

Softening Their Hearts and Hardening Mine is about the things that happens during our work. There are times things work and others when things don’t work out as expected.

Softening Their Hearts and Hardening Mine

When things work in our favour, our hearts melt with pure joy. Most times this results into healing and reconciliation. First, families of the boys come to visit, Secondly, the people our boys hurt consider dropping charges, which results into our boys exiting prison earlier than expected.

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Needless to say, when things fail to work out, it affects both our staff and our boys. Either way, we often whisper the kind of a prayer that we are starting call ‘a softening their hearts and hardening mine.’

Softening Their Hearts and Hardening Mine

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to reintegrate one of our boys back to his family. Having spent 9 months in juvenile prison, our boy couldn’t wait to meet his family. He made it clear that he wanted to stay with his grandmother.

That meant making the long trip to Fort Ternan and Koru where our team would visit and spend time with our boy’s step mom and grand mother. During the trip, a lot of things happened.

Our team made the first stop at Fort Ternan where, much as the step mom was willing to welcome our boy back into the family, our boy wanted to stay with his grandmother. As a result, we drove off from Fort Ternan to Koru. When we arrived in Koru, it was evident that our boy wasn’t going to be welcome to stay.

However, we had to the formalities of trying to convincing the grandmother to change her mind. But the more we we pleaded, the more she remained adamant. There was no way she was going to change her mind!

Fortunately for us and for our boy, his stepmother agreed to stay with him, albeit with the following conditions:-

  • Lifesong Kenya provides a way forward
  • Our boy commits to helping in the house
  • Finding a half way house as soon as possible
  • Finding a temporary job for our boy
  • Involving our boy in our Half Way Cycle event in December

A Victory to Celebrate

It is two weeks since our boy reintegrated back to his family. Things are looking up for him. Save for the few times he has overstayed his agreed curfew of coming back home before 6 PM, our boy has done his best.

We are planning to bring him back to Nairobi, specifically at St Joseph Cafasso Consolation House, where we hope he will find opportunities to go back to school. We are also looking forward to having the opportunity of cycling with him during this year’s Half Way Cycle.

This is proof that with the right tools, encouragement and investment, our boys have the opportunity to do well. They just need a second chance and a team of wonderful people who truly believe in them.

Partnership With St Joseph Cafasso Consolation House

St Joseph Cafasso Consolation House is a half-way house for young ex-offenders below 23 years who have completed their sentence at the Kamiti Youth Corrective Training Centre. The Half Way House is one of Lifesong Kenya’s partners and a model that we are looking forward to replicating in the near future.

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Softening Their Hearts and Hardening Mine

James Ouma

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